It is more than just putting on a wig and standing on stage to recite a popular song! It is a culture! It is a way of life! It is the most colorful art form in the world. 

Make-up, glitter, wigs, costumes, facial hair, giant eyelashes, props, wonderfully thought out names, fake and real body parts.....and that is the just the tip of the glamorous iceberg called DRAG!!!

Impersonating famous celebrities, creating your own living persona, singing or lip-syncing to Broadway or pop or punk or country or pretty much anything that will get the audience to turn their attention to the stage!

Being a pillar of their community by bringing awareness to causes, raising funds for non-profits and those in need, using their voice to say what most do not have the courage to say. And standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves! 'Cause you know, a pissed off drag queen will get the job done!!