Lady J Martinez O'Neal, Shari Turner & Veranda L'Ni



Drag comes in many forms and varies all around the world. Gender illusion has been around since, well, since forever! As of late, this form of expression has been gaining more popularity with the general public with mainstreaming on reality shows and movies. We are a staple of the LGBT community, often the loudest and definitely the most colorful, who can use their image for change and ignite unity. Drag can be a visual experience that you must witness at least once in your life, after that, you are hooked honey!

Those who don the pounds of makeup, wigs, rhinestones, jewelry and silicone body parts may very well be your next door neighbor! There are no specific rules to your expression. Nor do you have to be a specific gender, sexual orientation, body type or blood type to being a fierce as you can be!

People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity-and the infinite variations between-without criticism or ridicule.
— Leslie Feinberg

No SHADE here! 

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